Whidbey General Hospital

Construction progress report

Construction work on the Whidbey General campus has been going strong since breaking ground on a new parking area in mid-October.
Construction progress report

The ramp that was attached to the second story of the hospital has been removed as we prepare to break ground for our new inpatient wing.

Flaggers directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Main Street near the highway have become a familiar sight to Coupeville drivers, as utility work on Birch Street continues.

Last week, Interwest Construction removed the ramp that ran from the parking area to the second story of the hospital on our south side. For years, doctors and nurses used the ramp at all hours to rush to surgery, attend a birth, or report for their shift in the inpatient wing.

Ramp demolishedAfter construction, one of the new wing’s two connectors to the existing hospital will extend from the ramp’s previous location, as indicated by the arrow in the illustration below.

To further prepare the site for construction of the new wing, crews have removed the pad and trailer that used to house the Whidbey General Hospital Foundation, which is now located in the hospital next to administration offices.

Wing with arrowSoon, bids from subcontractors will be evaluated for work on other parts of the project such as electrical, drywall, flooring and mechanical and heating systems.

Work continues on a new helipad. During construction, the existing helipad remains operational in case it is needed to transport or deliver a patient.

Parking development in the northeast corner of hospital property will continue through next month. Parking is an important step in the project. New parking will replace existing parking on the south side of the campus, which will be the site of the new 39-bed inpatient wing. Next month, we break ground for the new wing.


Phases of construction

Phase 1, beginning fall 2015:

    • Place new parking lot on the hospital campus
    • Decommission and remove existing helipad
    • Construction of new helipad

Phase 2, beginning winter 2015/2016:

    • Construction of new inpatient wing

Phase 3, beginning late spring 2017:

    • Re-modeling of pre- and post-operative care rooms

Questions about the building project? Email us at myhospital@whidbeygen.org.