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Personalized Assistance with Health Insurance Plans

Need to know more about the healthcare coverage available through the Affordable Care Act? Whidbey General may be able to answer many of your questions. Our assistance is free.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect in 2013. The ACA seeks to expand access to health insurance, increase consumer protections, promote prevention and wellness, improve healthcare quality and curb rising healthcare costs.

Washington Healthplanfinder is an online marketplace where individuals, families and small businesses can find, compare and enroll in a health plan that fits their needs and budget. Washington Healthplanfinder is operated by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

Download the PDF "The ABCs of Health Insurance," by Washington Healthplanfinder.

Washington Healthplanfinder provides:

    • Side-by-side comparisons of brand new health plans
    • Financial help to pay for copays and monthly premiums
    • Free and low-cost coverage is also available
    • Expert customer support online, by phone or in-person through an insurance broker or local organization such as Whidbey General


Whidbey General can help!

Personalized Assistance with Health Insurance PlansWe have certified a team of individuals to help you with the new health insurance changes. Their assistance is available in-person or by phone.

They can:


This Assistance is Free!


It's easy to learn more

  • Call 360-678-7656, ext. 7601 (from Central and North Whidbey)
  • Call 360-321-7656, ext. 7601 (from South Whidbey)
  • Or email myhospital@whidbeygen.org


I have an appointment at Whidbey General to sign up for health insurance. What should I bring?

To apply for one of the new health insurance plans, you will need:

    • Social Security numbers and birthdays for everyone in your household who is applying for a plan
    • Passport, alien or other immigration numbers for any legal immigrants in your household applying for a plan
    • Income information for all adults and any minors age 14 or older in your household who are required to file a tax return
    • Information about any other health insurance plan your family currently has, or is eligible for
    • In addition to the above, please print out and complete this form, which will help you gather everything you need and save you time during the application process.


Important resources


What Plans Will Cover

Personalized Assistance with Health Insurance PlansAll plans through Washington Healthplanfinder will include:

  • Doctor visits and hospital stays
  • Maternity, pediatric and newborn care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Preventive care such as cancer screenings and vaccines
  • Management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma
  • Mental health services


No one will be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.


Visit Washington Healthplanfinder.

Questions? Free Help Is Available.

Please call Whidbey General at 360-678-7656, ext. 7601 or 360-321-7656, ext. 7601.

Or email myhospital@whidbeygen.org.