Whidbey General Hospital

Tour de Whidbey

Saturday, Aug. 20

New venues and activities this year!

Hospitality & Route Support



  • All riders are invited to participate in a Tour de Whidbey Get Up and Go Breakfast at the Greenbank Farm.
  • Eight break-stations are located every 10-12 miles for riders to rest, pick up water and other refreshments from our volunteers.



Rider safety is our top priority. We want every rider to have a good experience, and a safe one.

  • Every route has directional signage and ‘Dan Henry’ pavement markings to guide riders. Both start sites will have displays of the symbols used.
  • During the event, every route has monitoring and support. Members of Island Wings provide roving motorcycle support. They are in contact throughout the day with Island County Amateur Radio Club members stationed at every start site and break-station. They in turn can reach our on-call volunteers who are ready to respond to riders experiencing mechanical difficulties.
  • For medical emergencies, WGH Emergency Medical Services can be scrambled to respond within 10 minutes to anywhere on the route.


Whidbey Island Bicycle Club

Club members enjoy a wide range of bicycling, from leisurely rides with friends and family to touring and racing. The one thing they all have in common is their knowledge and love of riding on Whidbey Island.

You can learn more about the Whidbey Island Bicycle Club and riding on Whidbey Island at their website. We thank the WIBC for taking on all the route pavement marking, as well as hosting a bike maintenance tent the day of the ride.


The Tour de Whidbey raises money annually for the Whidbey General Hospital Foundation.


2016 GOAL

Quality healthcare on
Whidbey Island.






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