Whidbey General Hospital

Blood Samples Made Easier on Kids

New equipment, purchased with funds donated to the Whidbey General Hospital Foundation, makes obtaining blood samples less scary for some of our youngest patients.
Blood Samples Made Easier on Kids

Peggy Sullivan, RN, MN, manager of the North and South Whidbey Community Clinics, with new blood analyzer.

Donors who support the Whidbey General Hospital Foundation often direct their gifts to a specific department, program or project at the Hospital. This generosity is almost always in appreciation for the kindness and professionalism of Hospital staff. At the request of the nursing staffs at the North and South Whidbey Community Clinics, some of those dedicated gifts were used to purchase a portable, state-of-the-art HemoCue blood analyzer for each clinic.

The new analyzers provide caregivers with the level of hemoglobin in a patient’s blood.  Hemoglobin levels are most often needed for infants, children and for sports physicals. A HemoCue analyzer obtains a blood sample with a finger stick, rather than a blood draw. Sparing young patients the ordeal of a needle draw was a priority for nurses at the clinics. “It can be a scary thing for a child!” Whitney Christiansen, a South Whidbey staff nurse, wrote the Foundation in a note. “The new machines are portable, allowing us to take it right into the exam room.  I’ve found that it’s a great distraction to the kids because they are curious to see what this machine is all about, and will be engrossed in that versus focused on what I am doing to their finger!!  Thank you for this generous and valuable piece of equipment.”

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